List of performances in Germany!!! - 24 April 2017
Very silly of us not to publish the full concert schedule on here, especially when so many of you have been asking. So to make mends here it is and hope to see you all soon..

- Frankfurt Internationale Theatre, Frankfurt, Germany, 21 April 2017, 20h00
- 8808 Pfaffikon, Switzerland, 22 April 2017, 21h45
- Women in Jazz Festival, Halle, Germany, 23 April 2017, 16h30

- (Workshop) Kulturwerkstatt, Hamburg, Germany, 30 April 2017, 16h00 - 18h00
- Bradendburg, Berlin, Germany, 26 April 2017
- Rudolf Steiner Haus (with Hamburg Voices), Hamburg, Germany, 1 May 2017, 17h00
- Pumpwerk, Banter Deich 1, Willelmshaven, Germany, 5 May 2017, 20h00

Landed in Germany!!! - 20 April 2017
Landed in Germany eventually after what has been a very exciting period of crowdfunding and fan support. We have also put together a first of our vlogs of the tour. As mentioned that we want to share with you every possible moment of our trip.

Here's the first video on the plane to Germany. Enjoy..

Over R45 000 received so far!!! - 12 April 2017
Friggin' NUTS!!! This is what we're talking about!!! SIYABONGA!! RE A LEBOHA!! THANK YOU!!! VIELEN DANK!!! MERCI BEAUCOUP!!

Thank you Standard Bank London!! - 7 April 2017
We are SUPER EXCITED for what you have been able to do for us. It is precisely your support, efforts and contributions that has elevated this campaign to a point where even Standard Bank London has also contributed EUR1 000.

The response has been absolutely awesome and we love it! However, we're not out of the woods yet. We still need you to #HUGG us as much as possible. So please keep helping us spread the message.

#HUGG campaign broke the R25 000 mark!! - 31 March 2017
We are overwhelmed by the support our fans have so emphatically shown!! It's one thing to have fans and supporters, but now and then a major test of commitment like this one shows up and you cannot help but be taken aback by such phenomenal support! Both directly & indirectly our fans keep supporting this #HUGG campaign and each day we keep drawing closer to a less stressful journey! THANK YOU!!

So far this has been an incredible adventure, which leaves us anticipating the tour even more!
You can see the progress and join in on the adventure on our crowdfunding page.

#HUGG campaign now over R11 000!! - 20 March 2017
The support for the #HUGG (Help Us Get to Germany) has been super AWESOME. In only 1 week we have received more than R11 000 from you our supporters. And we want to say THANK YOU!!

It goes without mention that we also need your help to reach many more people and increase the rate of contributions. Our target is R156 000 and we need to reach at least half of it in 2 weeks so that we can secure the flights.
So please contribute and share this campaign with at least 10 of your friends to help us reach more people and increase the contributions.

Remember to keep using the #HUGG hashtag to make the campaign trend.

Learn about Time Signatures video is OUT NOW!! - 18 March 2017
Continuing with our weekly releasees of music theory lessons, in this video Josh discusses the basics of Time Signatures in music.

Go on ahead and start learning the basics of music, which are the building blocks for understanding and making far more complex music.

#HUGG (Help Us Get to Germany)!! - 14 March 2017
We would like to send a HUGE Shout OUT to individuals who have come out in huge support for this campaign. We could never thank you enough!! Ngoni Radebe, Tazzy, Hêlène Raison, Deborah Rosanwo and Thabo Gama. You are too awesome for words. Thank you!! Thank you! Thank you!!

We are also using the hashtag #HUGG on social media to reach a wider audience. Please use it as well and let's make it trend!

To make you contribution, please visit our crowdfunding campaign page.

We NEED your help to get to Germany!! - 12 March 2017
We are launching a crowdfunding campaign tomorrow to enable you to help us raise funds towards the upcoming Germany tour in April/May. For more information on how you can help us realise this tour, please visit our crowdfunding campaign page.

Weekend Live - SABC 2, Sunday 12 March!! - 11 March 2017
Catch us live on Weekend Live, SABC 2. We will be delivering 3 sweetners to be sure not be miss it!!! We hope to see you all on Wednesday & be sure to book your table by sending The Orbit an email to or calling +27(0)11 339 6645 (or +27 (0) 81 53 42 867).

New music lessons channel launching TODAY!! - 3 March 2017
You will notice that when you subscribe to our newsletter, in return we give you a fairly expensive thank you gift. However, not all of us can consume this gift due for many reasons. So, we have established an online tutorials channel on YouTube focusing on music theory, lessons delivered weekly by the band members to help your music theory knowledge along. That way, we can start sharing you the inner secrets of our music which you can find both useful and enjoyable.

We invite you to watch, subscribe and share with you friends who may be interested in this type of thing.

The new video is going up after 09h00 (GMT+2) this morning (:

See you on 15 March..

15 March 2017 @ The Orbit, Braamfontein!! - 1 March 2017
Once again we will be live at The Orbit in Braamfontein, Johannesburg celebrating the Bistro's 3 year anniversary. We are working on some exciting material to showcase on the night - you do NOT want to miss this vocal afrojazz evening. So go on & book your table by sending The Orbit an email to or calling +27(0)11 339 6645 (or +27 (0) 81 53 42 867).

Want to see how the rehearsals are going so far? Watch this video of Africappella rehearsing Stevie Wonder's - Living for the City (of Jozi). Watch till the end, there's a surprise lurking there ;)

See you on 15 March..

Al Jarreau - A jazz vocalist legend of our time!! - 13 February 2017
If you truly appreciate vocal performance as much as we do then you understand the immensity of Al Jarreau's talent. He has left an indelible mark in the vocalese genre & music is all the better for it. In fact, the world is a little bit better for it (:

Johannesburg International Mozart Festival - 3 February 2017
2 of our members have been requested to perform a Neo Muyanga world premier at the Johannesburg International Mozart Festival held at the St. Mary's School in Waverley. Pictures coming soon (:

Happy New Year!! - 1 January 2017
Hey AfriPeeps, from the entire Africappella team we wish you a fantastic 2017. May all you dreams come true.

And if you're still feeling a little nostalgic about 2016, our latest single release will sure make it feel a little better. Download NOW!!

Our latest single release NOW AVAILABLE on all digital music platforms!! - 25 November 2016
In time for Black Friday, we are very excited to announce that our latest single called 'I will always remember' is now available on ALL major digital music platforms. Download NOW!!

I will always remember artwork

New photos coming - 17 October 2016
Yesterday we had an awesome day with Lindo Mbhele (friggin' awesome photographer) & Flo (never worked with a more easy going DOP) at the Maboneng precint, fooling around and taking photos - more fooling around than anything else really, he he.
HOWEVER, what this means is that we finally get to release new images of the band (:

So stay tuned ;)

Discover lyrics - 14 October 2016
3 months ago we launched the African lyrics repository project. Although we consider it to still be in beta, it has indeed come a long way in a short space of time. So much that we noticed that most users do not realise exactly how extensive the database has become. We therefore added a small update to help you discover songs you may have almost forgotten about.

To explore, head over to the lyrics page and rediscover your passion for well crafted lyrics.

Final edits - 12 October 2016
We spent the day at Moya Sound Solutions studio placing a few more tweaks on the record we're about to release. Katli joined us to add a bit more of her flavour to the mix and take it from us, if you thought you liked what you heard during the listening session, then you will most definitely L.O.V.E. the final product.

The release date will be announced in another week or so. So stay tuned ;)

Up, up and away to Gentland - 28 September 2016
This is a fresh blog penned by Vusi on their recent trip to Ghent, Belgium. They had gone to celebrate with Sioen a milestone of the incredible 'Graceland' project by Paul Simon. Read all about their trip here..

Spring is HERE music lovers!! - 1 September 2016
Fine. Winter was a little strange in South Africa this year round, but no stress because Summer is already on its way. Spring has arrived and it's time to change gear and make beautiful memories.
We wish you some fun time in the sun and will be bringing you great music to complement. So stay tuned (:

Technical Glitch with Newsletter - 26 August 2016
A few of our readers have been receiving multiple emails of the August Newsletter. This is not deliberate. It is rather a result of a technical glitch on our server. We are doing all we can to resolve this speedily. We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for being patient regardless. We hope this will not deter from the content we have put together for you this month.

Launching a music fundamentals series - 25 August 2016
After launching a successful new format music workshop earlier this month, we decided that it was time we afforded ALL our supporters a chance to understand music more fundamentally. We have launched an online series on music fundamentals to help you grasp music concepts most often referenced in music jokes and conversations. On successful completion, you will be music literate (:

Get Started

Celebrating Our Heroes - 23 August 2016
It is believed that each generation has heroes of its time. In 1956, 20 000 women of all races marched against the Apartheid government demanding the abolishment of the pass laws. It was such a heroic stance that we have annually dedicated the entire month of August to honor women. Though it makes you wonder who the heroes of our generation are. Doesn't it?

Read the full story here..


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